Northern airline gets new wings.


Providing air charter solutions in the heart of the Canada’s North for decades; Wings Over Kississing wanted to showcase its evolved service offering; and introduce to the public and professional market that the former bush pilot company had spread its wings and transformed into an elite Northern charter airline. 


A new logo was created to better represent the airlines history and future endeavours. The motif represents a northern landscape while doubling as a great eagle or Thunderbird; the supreme nature spirit serving Mother Earth. The new logo and livery pays homage to Wings’ history and connection to the land and its people, as they forge a new vision for the future which includes the addition of new hangars, routes, specialized services, and expansion into new markets. 

Elements of Nature  •  The Eagle  •  The Thunderbird

WOK’s history to the Canadian North is represented in the livery by elements of nature. Echoing the graphic influences in the logo mark, a skyline is created by the tail fin with the top half representing a sky with clouds, the sun, and hints of northern lights while the bottom portion emulates golden reflections in the water. A clean white body gives the planes a distinct and polished look.


The perfect amalgamation for growth was born through their new website: Corporate Comfort meets Wilderness Distinction. We showed a broader range of aircraft, a growing support team, superior safety performance, as well as deeper Northern reach and an extensive history of flying it. The solid professional look and feel connects the air charter service to a big business market while keeping the heart of their organization; a love of flying and the people and communities they serve. 


Prepare Your Brand for Take Off.


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