At the heart of it all…

A personal connection with all things creative is what ultimately led Todd to pursue a post secondary education in fine arts. But after years of urbane study, working odd-jobs, and falling in love, he came to the ominous realization that his niche degree might not be enough to sustain him long term, yet alone cover the bills. Desperately hoping to avoid starving artist syndrome, Todd agreed to a meeting with an art director at a prominent Canadian ad agency. In that meeting, he was advised to augment his diploma with a Communication Arts degree. Todd followed the advice and was later hand-picked by the same agency, which proved to be a perfect learning ground for his unmistakable instinct and flair for the big idea. 

Armed with the abstract thinking skills acquired from his studies and the real world skills learned in the field, the beginning of an adventurous two-and-a-half decades long career in branding and advertising design had begun. Later, he would hold Creative Director positions with some other well-established agencies with notable international accounts, affording him the opportunity to mold and work his skills with unfettered passion and verve. 25 years later, Todd’s work has invigorated and inspired a wide range of organizations across a broad and eclectic industry spectrum.  

Tragedy struck however, when Todd’s wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After losing the love of his life, he turned a symbolic and introspective new page in his story and career. While coping with the grief of losing his life partner was devastating, it also gave rise to some poignant and positive impulsivity. Without so much as a license, Todd blindly obeyed an inner urging and decided to purchase a new motorcycle for the next chapter in his life. Racking up thousands of kilometres in his very first riding season, a spontaneous and inspirational reset was underway. It was during these solo rides across Canada that he realized he needed to make some life-altering decisions. After applying his emotional brand expertise to someone else’s portfolio for his entire career, it was the right time to take his talents to a waiting new world, and go it alone.

The solo rides had convicted in Todd, a clear sense and understanding that he had to make his time in the world count and create work that not only mattered but made a difference – to him and for others. Using the skills he acquired over his many years in marketing and advertising, Todd is now helping change-makers, start-ups, and companies that do meaningful work across the globe, developing their brands, while bringing their ideas, bold dreams and desires for a better world to life.

Todd works with progressive entrepreneurs, start-ups, and organizations with unique product offerings, creating positive change locally and globally.


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