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Paying It Backward

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony March came from an impoverished, loveless and unstable upbringing. His personal pledge: to dedicate the better part of his adult life to touch as many lives as possible through both his corporate and private means. We helped him get there by creating a brand that brings his story to life and links it to a foundation that helps people make a difference in the lives of the homeless and underprivileged.

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The Tony March Story

Paying It Backward – Tony March’s memoir is a very private man’s journey from poverty, abuse, racism and depression, to a life filled with humanity, humility and purpose. We designed the cover for this book to signify Tony’s years of behind the scenes approach to giving back. The book also includes raw, gestural illustrations throughout to help accentuate his painful journey. A video also serves as a teaser for the story. Playing off the style of book illustrations, simple line walk through elements of humanity and humility.  


Tony March
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“I can’t tell you how happy the book cover made me feel. It made me cry. It was like looking at my whole life in one picture. It reminded me of how hungry I was each day of my life until the age of 18 and brought into focus why I do what I do.” 

Tony March ~ Founder, Pay It Backward Foundation

Street Strong Socks Campaign

Socks are among the most requested items of homeless shelters throughout North America, yet among the least often donated. We created this high quality series of “Street Strong” socks for people to donate to local communities across North America. The high quality socks were designed to last longer in the harsh street conditions and have positive messages of hope such as ‘You Matter’ and ‘Hope is Real’ to help inspire a life worth living and the possibility of bright, reclaimed futures.

“Most of the homeless in large urban centres know where they can go to get food, but securing even one good pair of socks is a much more significant challenge.” 

Tony March ~ Founder, Pay It Backward Foundation

The Pay It Backward Foundation

Fueled by a mission “to inspire individuals and organizations in communities everywhere”, the Foundation inspires others to give like there’s no tomorrow is the goal behind the Pay It Backward Foundation. Online, their hope is to inspire individuals and organizations to give back to their communities through book sales, speaker forums, and community fundraising events.


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