Giving life to one of a kind,
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The Leader in Me

The pandemic has caused upheavals in schools across the globe. As a result, education has been changing dramatically, including the distinctive rise of e-learning, where teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. Franklin Covey Education wanted to take their flagship Leader in Me program online and developed a software program and exclusive platform to enable writers and editors to use the tool similar to how people use PowerPoint or Keynote.

Franklin Covey Education
Brand Strategy

Character Design
Lesson Template Design

Exclusive and Inclusive

To help emphasize their one of a kind content and intellectual property for students, we developed a set of characters and an illustration style that could speak to kids in all parts of the world, be inclusive to race and gender, and ultimately engage kids with interesting concepts. The anthropomorphic characters included the body, heart, mind & spirit; all essential elements making up the whole individual.

Fitz has a big, strong body and loves to exercise and keep in shape. Its form was designed to be hexagonal, reflecting a human cell and is ultimately a nod to one’s health & wellness. 
Wheels help give Newton an interesting angle by emphasizing the strength of intellect by adding a physical challenge. Newton is named after one of the greatest mathematicians and physicists of all time.  
For Ogee, big eyes and a huge mouth help emphasize an overtly emotional character, because it’s ok to have feelings. Ogee’s arms and legs represent ventricals which it loves to bounce around on.
Aura, which means glowing light, symbolizes the nonphysical part of a person; the spirit, the soul. Aura is most often never really touching the ground and is constantly leaving behind a trail of sparkles.

Exclusive Leader in Me teaching modules contained thousands of lessons for students aging in range from Pre-K to Grade 8. We helped create user friendly templates that allowed teachers to universally flow through lesson content quickly and effortlessly. The characters played an integral role in the lessons to engage students in the lesson concepts.


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