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Gaspard Regalia

Since 1909, Gaspard has maintained a tradition of excellence in manufacturing high-quality, low-cost academic regalia. Even with 100 years of experience and industry-leading customer service, Gaspard was starting to feel competitive pressure on a national scale. An aggressive leadership role needed to be taken in order for the longstanding brand to have a future in Canadian high schools.

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Some Things Simply Deserve Our Best
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Gaspard had always presented schools with annual information on what and how to order grad gowns. We charged them with a new vision, re-establishing them as the Canadian leader in regalia quality and service, showing the country that ‘Some Things Simply Deserve Our Best’.

Online Scholarship Contest


Reusable graduation gowns are the environmentally responsible choice for schools across Canada. To help reinforce Gaspard’s commitment to these schools and their students, we launched the ‘Keep Canada Green’ online scholarship contest. Through it, we introduced thought provoking questions with entertaining graphics to inspire and educate students to build on Canada’s growing world legacy as a responsible world leader. The top scores across our great land were given the chance to win up to ten $1,000 scholarships.

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5200 Students in 1420 Schools 
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$12,500 in Scholarships
Awarded to Students Across Canada


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