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Exelus Financial

Canadian consumer debt is at an all time high and the partners of Excelus Financial created their business to help Canadians establish their credit ratings and build strong credit profiles. They recognized right from the start that having the ability to obtain credit is the key to future dreams. And this is where their story begins.

Excelus Financial
Brand Naming
Brand Identity
Brand Motto
Life Starts Here

The Excelus Financial logo uses a stylized butterfly, a deep and powerful representation of life. The butterfly in the wordmark replaces the ‘x’ and represents positive transformation. It is also placed in an atypical position, rising above the other letterforms. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls, and as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. This manifestation is a symbol of our customers, and our ability to help change their lives, by establishing stronger credit profiles, a lifeline to fulfilling future dreams.


“Todd helped us breath life into our business from the get go. Helping people from all walks of life enjoy quality life through stronger credit profiles makes us very proud, and now we have a brand that reflects it.” 

Ian Dimmerman ~ Excelus Financial

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