Cree Nation speaks volumes to citizens


Nisichawayasihk is a culturally rich and rapidly growing First Nations community with big city issues. Coupled with quarterly updates and members spread out across the province of Manitoba; keeping citizens informed proved difficult. After pressure from the community a newly elected Chief and Council had a new plan; more information, more often. 

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
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Getting relevant information to the community was job #1, but keeping citizens engaged was the real challenge. We consolidated all the random newsletters and created one publication acting as the nation’s voice. The Cree name Achimowina means ‘stories’ and reflects deep connections with NCN traditions, beliefs, their lands and their people. 


Variety was key. Government, Business, Community, Arts and Events sections were standard but also included messages From the Chief, History and Culture, Elder and Employee Profiles, and even a section called Voice of Our Youth really connecting stories to all of NCN’s citizens. Respecting Cree culture was of utmost importance, so we made sure to keep traditional language and translations and phonetics throughout. Maintaining traditions, language, spiritual beliefs and practices are fundamental to NCN’s identity and future as a distinct people. And it’s definately working.


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