Old school approachable
becomes a brand new way of lawyering.


Every Law firm defines themselves as big, old, experienced, internationally connected and community-minded. What was Pitblado’s defining difference? Everything pointed to their people and approach to law. Simply put; the focus of Pitblado’s brand became less about what business they did, and more about the company’s culture, people and the way they do business. A big part of the new brand was to show lawyers as real people, with real lives and interests, just like you and me.

One of the most important new brand components for Pitblado was their website. We placed  lawyer profiles front and centre to reflect Pitblado’s new people first and personal approach to law. Fresh content for perspective clients such as podcasts, webinars, white papers, white boards, video training, social media featuring their aptly named bLAWg, all help connect lawyers specifically to update and educate existing and potential clients. Law is changing, and so is your lawyer. 

Corporate Office Installation

We brought this philosophy into Pitblado’s corporate logotype using a simple, clean and approachable look and that same recipe was adapted to develop a family of program specific logos for the firm.

Program Logos

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