Corporate comfort meets wilderness distinction for 5-star results.


This fisherman’s gem located in the centre of Canada, wanted to show customers it was a world-class destination of choice. Through unique positioning and a steadfast series of print and online campaigns we’ve continued to boost past, present and prospective numbers by simply showing what they do best.


Canada’s Ultimate 5-Star Fishing Adventure
With a killer location, top-notch accommodations, excellent service and fantastic fishing, our solution was simple; leverage the romance of the Canadian North and position it as an all-inclusive, 5-star fishing experience. 


Bookings continue to increase dramatically during peak seasons all due to a dedicated Canadian 5-Star brand experience online. Repeat guests receive opportunities via direct and email marketing for early booking bonuses by landing on promo sites like SEO connected the International market to; giving inquiries worldwide the opportunity to engage in uniquely Canadian adventures, while specific SEM campaigns like the ‘Great Northern Canadian Fish-Off’ have built excitement in the late Summer season.

Other touch points have included map brochures, T’s featuring master angler award winners, even custom 5-star lures for the tackle shop; based on the classic Len Thompson 5 of diamonds spoon. 

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Tukto Lodge


Canada’s Ultimate 5-Star Arctic Experience
Known to the local Inuit and a handful of bush pilots, the lakes at Tukto Lodge remain the most exclusive fishing destinations on the planet. 

Premiere fishing and eco-tourism in the heart of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, world-renowned for their massive lake trout and arctic grayling; we helped position Tukto as an exclusive partner lodge experience. Roughly only 150 people get the chance to fish these waters each year, so showing it’s unique offerings such as wildlife, untouched landscapes and extended sunshine hours was imperative. Did we mention the extra large fish?

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The fishing has been exceeding anglers’ expectations for more than fifty years and in 2013 it became part of the Kississing Family of Companies. 


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